Beaver Resources Slide Show Beaver side of Oregon State Flag

Our Beaver Slide Show provides informational links for LIVING WITH BEAVER. See how communities, groups and government are embracing beaver as key in flourishing ecosystems within the urban setting. Planned Urban Development (PUD) in Eugene, Oregon is highlighted, showing wildlife and habitat protective measures as intrinsic parts of development agreements in our Metro area.

The first slide is who we are, then two main sections, LINKS and HISTORY. LINKS acquaints you with a world of people that are living friendly with beaver. HISTORY shows how the permits allowing development of forest & wetland along the Willamette River for homes and businesses included requirements promoting our sharing of the land and waterways with the wildlife that was there first.

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The Oregon State Animal is the beaver.
Beaver side of Oregon State Flag
The reverse side of the Oregon State flag has a beaver.